Motherhood Is Not Easy

Motherhood Is Not Easy When you get pregnant, whether it’s planned or not, there are certain things you know to expect. For example, you know you might have to deal with morning sickness, all day (and night) trips to the bathroom, and even the possibility of pregnancy related medical issues like preeclampsia and diabetes. And […]

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To All The Women…

To the young woman just graduating high school, unsure of where your life should go, know that God has a plan for you. To the professional woman working 2 jobs or extra hours to provide for your family, longing for a little appreciation every now and then, know that you are invaluable to your Heavenly […]

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I’m Glad It Happened

I am just trying to make sense of the spell you had on me, how you twisted reality howevet you pleased. With your hands around my throat and my back against the wall, no point in saying no, that’s why this is all my fault. I can’t even say what the reason was, for letting […]

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Cheers To All The Broken Ones

Cheers to waking up! Cheers to deciding to face the day! Cheers to getting up and getting dressed (Dont give up if you’re still in PJ’s!) Cheers to not backing down Cheers to not giving in, Cheers to keep getting up again, Even when the shadow wins. Cheers to random panic attacks and midnight  crying […]

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Advice for the lost sheep

Sometimes we just have to put it all in God’s hands. Sorry for pulling out the big-G card so early in the morning, but I think you just need to have a little faith darling. Stop trying to control every aspect of your life down to the most minute details. You just gotta trust that […]

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My Hope

Loving someone with Borderline Personality Disorder can be described in many different ways, mostly negative. However, unless it is a parent-child relationship (even then sometimes too), there is one thing these relationships are always….and that is voluntary. Being in a relationship with someone suffering with BPD is not easy, and definitely not for the weak […]

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Love, Borderline Me

BPD sucks. It’s a life sentence trapped in solitary confinement inside a guarded fortress of doubt & insecurity. It is hard to love a girl with BPD. We need constant reassurnces. Our misinterpretations can sometimes cause a complete meltdown over something you may not even remember saying or doing. Yes, it is certainly hard to […]

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