To All The Women…

To the young woman just graduating high school, unsure of where your life should go, know that God has a plan for you.
To the professional woman working 2 jobs or extra hours to provide for your family, longing for a little appreciation every now and then, know that you are invaluable to your Heavenly Father.
To the exhausted woman caring for your newborn, weary from sleepless nights, know that you can turn to God and He will give you rest.
To the broken and bruised woman, in tattered and used clothing, hiding in the shadows because you feel too ugly to walk in the light, know that you are beautiful in Our Creator’s eyes.
To the rare woman whose life is going exactly how you dreamt it would be, know that it is not just enough to be grateful, God asks you to help raise up your fellow women.

My dear women, we are all beautiful and valuable to our Heavenly Father who has plans for each of us, to bless us and give the weary rest. I just want you all to know that no matter what you may be going through, YOU MATTER! And you are loved!

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