Love, Borderline Me

BPD sucks.
It’s a life sentence trapped in
solitary confinement inside a
guarded fortress of
doubt & insecurity.
It is hard to love a girl with BPD.
We need constant reassurnces.
Our misinterpretations can
sometimes cause a complete
meltdown over something you may
not even remember saying or doing.
Yes, it is certainly hard to love
a girl with BPD.
But here’s a few things you should
consider before you go…
You will never have to wonder
what’s on a Borderline’s mind
because we’ll always tell you
exactly what we’re thinking,
even if you didn’t ask.
And although we may express our
feelings differently than others,
And we may not express our
affection in the ways you might like,
We will love you with every thing
that we have.
And that is a certainty.
Yes, it is hard to love a Borderline,
But if you are willing to put in a
little more time and effort
You will discover a kind of love
that dreams are made of.

Borderline Me

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