What does it mean to be brave?

When you hear the word brave, what comes to mind? Do you think of strong men and women serving in our armed forces? Maybe when you hear the word brave, you envision our country’s fore fathers who stood up against the tyranny of the British monarchy creating the United States of America. Perhaps when you think of the word brave, a certain person comes to mind; someone you admire and look up to for overcoming huge obstacles and adversities in their lives. But I encourage you to expand your thinking of “brave”. If you’ve come to this page, it is because you are searching for help, for answers, or maybe just someone who understands. This is bravery. Maybe searching online for “borderline personality disorder” or other mental health conditions is all you’ve managed to do today. This, too, is bravery. Maybe you’re reading through this blog looking for reasons to make it through just one more day. This is incredible bravery. You don’t need armour or medals, or testimonies of extreme strength and perseverance to be brave. Sometimes simply making through another day is the greatest sign of bravery.

Brave Borderline is here to remind you that you are brave! You matter! And you are not alone!